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     Life is slowly returning to normal at The Bridge and at many churches across the country. The difficulties of 2020 have caused some people to seek the Lord and sanctuary in the church. People are beginning once again to be saved, filled, healed, and restored.     

As we return to church, however, we need to bring a right attitude and cleanse our hearts and minds. We need to be low-maintenance.     

A low-maintenance church member? What does that mean? In Webster’s dictionary, the word maintain means to carry on or to keep in existence; to preserve in a desirable condition. We look for a low-maintenance vehicle when we are car shopping: one that requires a minimal amount of upkeep and care while performing like a new car. How can we compare? Let’s look at the characteristics of a low-maintenance church member.

  1. They have a servant’s heart. These church members look for ways to be helpful but at the same time do not need a lot of recognition. They see tasks that need to be done and do them. They enjoy waiting on people and being a blessing to those in need.
  2. They have reached a balance in giving and receiving. Low-maintenance church members are servant-hearted, but can also receive when others are blessing them. If they don’t receive, they will give so much without “filling” back up that they burn out. Then they require “high” maintenance to be restored. A healthy understanding of being able to give AND being able to receive will keep us low-maintenance and full of fresh oil.
  3. They can agree to disagree. As a church grows, people will occasionally disagree over areas of ministries, focus points, and different secondary issues. The church has founding principles but with issues such as the color of the carpet, favorite method of witnessing, and dress code we all have different ideas. We can disagree without causing division or dissension. Let’s face it, when we get to heaven, the color of carpet really won’t matter.
  4. Their speech is always edifying and uplifting. Low-maintenance church members speak well of the church, the leadership, and other members. They also speak well of their community in general and other neighboring churches. When they hear negative comments made, low-maintenance members act as a buffer. They don’t focus on the negative qualities people or their church have, but are quick to point out the positive. They don’t give into complaining and gossiping, but speak blessings over all.     

A servant heart. Balanced giving. Agreeable. Positive attitudes and words. These are four keys to being a low-maintenance church member: the kind of person who can handle change and be a productive blessing in the body of Christ. Are you a low-maintenance church member?