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     With spring fast approaching, this is the perfect time to talk about spring cleaning. Ugh! Is that really necessary? I try not to think about it. But spring cleaning in the physical is good: cleaning out closets, painting walls, and maybe finally getting to those windows and curtains.     

     But wait. Let’s set that part aside for a moment and talk about spring cleaning the soul: the mind, the will, and the emotions.      

     After a long winter, pretty weather invites us to clean the house and yard. A long winter of the soul full of disappointments, disagreements, bitterness, or loss (Sound like 2020?) can pile up and create chaos the same as a house can pile up without a good cleansing each year.      

     What are some ways we can spring clean our souls?  Only by yielding our mind, will, and emotions to the will of God and letting Him work in our lives do we find the cleansing we seek.  As we yield ourselves to Him let us be diligent to:

  1. Seek God through prayer-We talk God to and then listen. This leads us to repentance and allows God to clear away the mess. Only God can separate the things in our lives into three piles:  what to keep, what to throw out, and the inevitable pile of things I’m not sure about. When God helps us get our lives down to the “things I’m not sure about pile” we can go through and see what’s edifying and what isn’t.
  2. Stay in the Word of God-His word is life-giving so we let it speak as we read and study and yield our mind to it. His Word is a lamp unto our feet or a good strong flashlight to use in the dark closet of hidden things in our souls. Let God illuminate us completely, creating that clean heart within.
  3. Be open and teachable to correction and direction-God will point out the right path for us to take as we listen to His direction. He will point out attitudes and actions in our lives that needs to change so we can be all He created us to be. Some changes might seem hard, but He is always there to help.
  4. Stay connected with other Christians-Satan can become disruptive at times in our lives when we act like the Lone Ranger and don't ask other Christians for help. God gave us all talents and abilities to aid one another but if we aren't connected to Christians through a church or fellowship, we cannot benefit from one of God's greatest gifts—each other.     

     So, let’s get out our mop and dust rag and tackle those household chores. While we’re at it, we can also ask God to start spring cleaning our lives. Then step back and watch as we become sparkling, shiny and set apart, ready for His plan and purpose.