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Our world can be a difficult place to live. Terrorism, racism, weather-related catastrophes, and even everyday irritants can stretch us to the point of breaking. And now a pandemic that is progressing toward its second year? After I titled this article, I had to pause for a moment. It still doesn’t seem real.

But it is.

One way to fight the chaos is through kindness. A small act of kindness isn’t much in light of today’s headlines, but we can make our community a better place, one compassionate display at a time. Here are twelve ways to help us all get started in improving someone’s day…

1. Pray. Never has our world needed God more. Lift up specific prayers often, and fervently.

2. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru line at a fast-food restaurant. Or give a generous tip to the food delivery person.

3. Send cards of encouragement by regular mail or e-cards.

4. Volunteer or donate virtually. Here's one article with opportunities.

5. Pick up trash alongside the road in your neighborhood. The walk will do you good and you’ll improve the look of your community.

6. Provide a single mom and her children a meal by having food delivered or sending a gift card by email.

7. Share encouragement online. Be a shining light on social media instead of spreading bad news.

8. Give blood at the local blood bank. Call for an appointment.

9. Send food gift cards to the staff at the Intensive Care Unit of your local hospital.

10. If possible, offer baby-sitting services for people in health services.

11. Send a gift card anonymously to someone you work or attend church with.

12. During your online shopping time, think of others who may have a need. Leave positive reviews on the shopping websites.

These are only a few ideas. If you search online, you find a plethora of others. I’m glad that I don’t have to be idle during these times but can encourage others. How about you? Share below acts of kindness you’ve seen or experienced…