If you are NEW to the The Bridge.
10 things you need to know!
  1. What denomination are you? We are a part of the Southern Baptist Association.
  2. What are your beliefs? We follow the Baptist faith and message.
  3. What is your worship style? We offer contemporary worship.
  4. What are the demographics of the families there? We have many young families with young children.
  5. What types of families go to the Bridge? Blended families, young families, middle-aged families, and single parents.
  6. What's your dress and attire? We believe Jesus accepts you as you are so we believe we should too.    
  7. What is the atmosphere like? We have a casual atmosphere.
  8. What groups are available? We have Life groups available for all ages.
  9. When do you meet? We meet on Sunday morning and Wednesday night.          
  10. Do you offer children and youth events? We offer children and youth classes as well as camps and planned events. Our youth go to a conference every year. We feel if we pour into our youth, we are building our future for Christ.                  

We LOVE you and are so happy you're here!